About a Turtle named Sue.

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

"Oh dear!" said Lukia,"So you have not been traveling my friend, you have been in a loop of living."

Once upon a time there was a turtle named Susan, Sue for short.

Sue considered herself an adventurous traveler, on a voyage of more than 100 years.

One day she met another turtle named Lukia.

"Where are you heading to?" asked Lukia.

"Well, nowhere special, just traveling the world," replied Susan.

"Oh, that's just great I wish I was like you!" exclaimed Lukia.

"Yea, it is a great life!" uttered Sue in a loud voice,"I have seen rivers, ducks, cows, and all kinds of birds." Sue went on to say, "I have seen great thunder storms, snakes and I have even seen a rainbow. Oh, and a hurricane!".

"Oh Wow!" Said Lukia with a face full of wonder, and then she realized, "But, I have seen all of those things as well!"

"So, you have also wandered?" asked Sue.

Lukia laughed, "No, not at all, I was born here and I haven't traveled once since then."

They both become quiet in reflection. They had a bizarre connection, but they couldn't figure out why.

"So, do you have a family?" asked Susan.

"Yea!" I have 5 little ones and my husband!" she replied with a smile full of joy.

Susan felt a weird pang in her heart.

"What about you?" Lukia replied.

A little distant minded Sue said, "No, not really, I am a loner. I like my freedom." she said clearing her throat.

"Ok, cool! So where are you heading?" asked Lukia.

"Well, I don't really decide I just follow my impulse." replied Susan.

"So, what does your impulse say to do now?" asked Lukia.

"To follow the river," replied Susan looking into the distance.

"Cool, well my Grandfather told me that river ends at the stables, it should take you about 5 months to get there. Good luck with your conquest!" Lukia turned to the voice of her youngest and started to walk away.

"Wait! What's after the stables?" asked Susan.

"After the stables the ranch ends and then you can only turn right and follow the path through the canyon. That should lead you right back here in about 4 years if everything goes well." answered Lukia.

Remembering, Susan replied, "Wait a minute, I have gone through that canyon! Come to think about it I have gone about 7 times!"

"Oh dear!" said Lukia,"So you have not been traveling my friend, you have been in a loop of living."

"What? What is that?" asked Susan with a shaky voice.

Gently, Lukia explained, "For the last 100 years you have been going in enormous circles around this ranch. You seen great things, thunder and rainbows but then again so have I and I have never moved. The only difference is I have friends and family where as you are all alone thinking this is what you value." Lukia reached out her hand to Sue, and went on to say, "It is sad sister."

"Oh my God!" Susan screamed as her head spun. She lied down and felt very tired. "So what do I do?" she asked closing her eyes tightly.

Lukia came very close and all her little ones began to climb all over Sue's giant old shell.

Lukia's youngest crawled underneath Sue's ancient foot and squeaked, "God has given you a great shell!", admiring the scars with his little claws.

Sue looked at this little turtle still not understanding and told him, "Yes, I have a house and that is why I have traveled because I can go anywhere!".

Lukia replied, "Yes! but you don't have friends or any family! God gave you a home so that that you never have to move at all. He had already planned for you to have everything, right here and right now. "

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