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Wall Art - Signed Limited Edition Giclée Fine art Prints

Original Artworks - Reflect yourself and Your environment in God's Light

Make Collecting Easy - Answer All your Questions
Just Reach out:

Book a Free 30' Consultation

  • Which space are you considering? Home or office?

  • Include a photo of the space

  • Spiritually what help are you looking for? Sacred art refocuses the mind and heals the heart.

  • What day and time suites you best?

  • I can help you achieve the aesthetic results you are looking for and guide you to purchase art that truly brings you joy.

With Art Manager Marina Siakantaris

  • Museum quality packaging

  • Tracking support available

  • Art Works are recommended to ship with specialized Art Movers

  • Gliccee Fine Art Prints can be shipped by Post or Courier

  • Include your complete address and any special requirements

World Wide Shipping:
Photographic Guarantee:
  • When you buy a Limited Edition print from me, it will be signed and numbered on the back of the print

  • Limited Edition printing is more valuable for the collector

  • The price of prints go up as the collection sells out

  • Highest Quality, Crystal Gloss Giclée Fine Art Prints

  • Prints are ordered one at a time

  • Once the Edition has sold out there will be no other prints made

  • All photographs were created by Marina Siakantaris

  • They will be signed by Marios Siakantaris and Marina Siakantaris

Can I Request a Replica? Yes!
  • Last year a major technological breakthough occured

  • Sculptures and Paintings can now be digitally scanned and printed

  • Sculptures are printed with light weight/high quality rubber and mosaic is digitally cut, and re-applied by hand

  • This process is called 'similars'

  • Creation delay depends on the size of the piece

  • Sculptures and paintings may be printed at new scale

  • You can change the size to fit your needs

  • Originality is still maintained while prices are kept affordable for the collector

  • Do you wish for a sculpture to be made for outdoor usage? We can seal the mosaic with resin instead of clay!

Does Marios accept commissions?
  • Yes! If you have an idea, or a space which you want to ask for an idea let us know.

  • Send us a photo of the space, and a complete description of your idea and Marina will schedule a Free 30' consultation with you

  • Once Marina has gathered information Marios Siakantaris will propose a digital photograph of the work proposed for Free.

  • Next a miniature sample will be made at the cost of the client and shipped to you for approval

  • This exact sample will be digitally printed and Marios will apply the mosaic

  • Exact financial estimate will be delivered once size is decided

  • Production begins

  • Communication to Marina throughout the process is available

  • Packaging and Delivery to be paid by client before shipment

  • Depending on the size artist may be available to install and unpackage the shipment